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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®

A combination of both eastern and western modalities, this form of bodywork includes the therapist's use of two parallel bars that extend from the ceiling while using their feet to provide "the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet." Ideal for clients who would like to try something new, or who have yet to find a massage that feels "deep enough."  

Swedish Massage

This modality focuses on supporting the improved circulation and relaxation of the client. This technique can be integrated with other forms of bodywork and involves a lighter touch, focused on meeting the relaxation needs of the client.

Energy Medicine/Reiki

This modality can described as an invitation for universal energy to assist the client's natural capabilities to unblock, support and balance their own emotional, physical and spiritual being. This modality is often meditative and intuitive, and can be integrated with other forms of bodywork.

Deep Tissue Massage

This modality typically focuses more on specific areas or conditions of the body that are causing the client discomfort or pain. Deep tissue work tends to address multiple layers of the client's body, with the intention to work deeper in order to release chronic holding patterns, tension and pain. Work may result in tenderness for up to 2 days.

Massage Cupping

This modality includes the use of cups (glass, rubber or plastic) to create a vacuum over an area of the body, allowing the client's tissue to stretch up into the cup. The application of negative pressure (instead of tissue compression applied through traditional massage therapy) can offer the client a variety of therapeutic experiences including nervous system sedation, improved flexibility and a decrease in muscle adhesions, stagnation and inflammation. There is a possibility of skin discoloration as a result of this modality, and while the discoloration is similar to that of a bruise, this reaction is not a bruise. Skin discoloration as a result of Massage Cupping is due to cellular debris, pathogenic factors and toxins being drawn to the surface to be cleared away by the client's circulatory system. Depending on the amount of stagnation within the client's body, the discoloration may fade within hours of their session or take up to two weeks. 

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